Sunday, 25 April 2010

Back to the FMP

Time to stop playing; it has been a lovely break but tonight I have small details to complete on the dresses, before taking them to uni. in the morning for "inspection". Four dresses are now complete, plus the cape collar. The bodice which will morph into a bolero is also well under way, so now it is time to concentrate on a collection of smaller mounted samples which will complement the large pieces, and to finalise the design for the little books which will tell the story of each garment....this has been in my mind since the start of the progect,and must now be realised.I think they will be handmade of fabric and paper, so it is almost time to give birth to this part of the work....all important art work takes time...cannot be rushed or made to order....that is for the industry...for commercialism, not for art.

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