Friday, 12 March 2010

Exquisite Poverty: Fragments

Poverty is not exquisite,but what emerges from t can be. The beautiful work of women's hands throughout history, the lace, embroidery and fine stittching on a simple seam which we revere and treasure today were created in poverty as a means of survival for working class women.
They did not enjoy the fruits of their labour, nor recognition for their skills; their inner artist had no freedom to create...just for the joy of it, nor would they have had the time.
My progect will combine humble fabrics with beautiful lace, reflecting by the contrast, the differences between the two.It also references a period of my life which was spent in pieceing together fragments to make a whole...a story told in needle and that shows both the wrong, and the right side of the cloth as a visual language of life.

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