Friday, 12 March 2010

Development of the collection

The collection for Fragments, is going to be Art based, rather than Fashion led, although, as the work will be mostly in garments form, elements of fashion will run through it. It is intended for a gallery setting, so I shall be working in my own way of developing the work by building it up on stands, rather than design drawings. I find that one cannot really design for art...the creative process has to evolve without being forced, and that is difficult when there are deadlines to be met. A favourite artist, Rozanne Hawksley, speaks this out in her book, where she states that she does not draw something before she makes it...if she did, it would already have been completed.I have to admit that my way of working often causes me to panic a bit, as sometimes I am not sure where the work is leading untill everything falls into place.Here are some images of fabric being loosely "played with" for mood and inspiration.

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